SEO Internal Structure Analysis

SEO site analysis and fixing internal site structure to rank on search engines

Importance of Internal SEO Service

Content indexing and understanding

An Efficient Editor

An editor who excels in writing SEO Arabic or English articles targeting and correctly using important keywords
Outranking competitors

New Targeted Articles

Converting some old articles into targeted articles for Arabic search words after a deep study of the content
Analyze your site and correct SEO errors

Outranking Competitors

One of the most important roles of organized data and encoding plans where we work on overtaking our competitors’ ranking
Website analysis

Content Indexing and Understanding

Improving internal SEO for the site and improving content helps Google bots a lot in indexing the site

What Do We Offer in This Field?

Training workshops for editors<br />

Training Workshops for Editors

Site improvement services – internal SEO<br />

Site Improvement Services – Internal SEO

Internal SEO

Revision of The Entire Content of The Site- SEO Analysis

Correct internal linking policy and structure<br />

Correct Internal Linking Policy and Structure

Optimize URLs and make them SEO friendly<br />

Optimize URLs and Make Them SEO Friendly

Website analysis

Building Organized Data and Schema Markup Plans

What Do We Mean By Internal Improvements?

Content indexing and understanding

Handling H1 Issues

Adding Summaries in Necessary Articles

Handling Copied Content Issues

Improving Targeted Article Titles

Handling disabled image issues<br />

Handling Disabled Image Issues

Handling image alt tag issues<br />

Handling Image Alt Tag Issues

Improving the quality of targeted articles<br />

Improving The Quality of Targeted Articles

Handling broken internal links<br />

Handling Broken Internal Links

Handling URL problems

Handling URL Problems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the editors become qualified to write SEO articles?

Of course, Of course, the training workshop contains all the secrets and skills necessary for the editor and qualifies him to write better Arabic or English SEO articles and helps to increase the number of website visitors and to qualify more on search engines. Also, this type of editors is one that forms an additional competitive value for any institution that works with them, as their experience and articles are unique and distinctive for the user and the search engines

What do you mean by adding summaries to necessary articles?

After a deep study of the site content, we choose articles that are eligible to target Arabic search words and work on improving these articles and adding summaries (meta description) to articles that do not have a description

What is the difference between technical service and internal SEO analysis service?

The technical service is specialized only in the technical side of the site and is very different from this service, as the internal SEO service can be provided by any advanced editor to analyze the site’s internal structure and content and correct any errors that may affect the site’s ranking on search engines

Does copied content hurt the site?

Google has not been paying much attention to copied content and duplicate content within the site lately, but it still has a negative impact on search engine rankings as well as making it difficult to target a specific article

Get An SEO Report For Your Website

Explore part of your internal website structure in addition to some content issues that limit its spread on search engines


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